10 Reasons I Wish I Were Rob Bell

Greetings fellow crime stoppers!

The excerpt below and associated link comes courtesy of Dr. Larry E. Dixon, lifted every so gently from his blog, Dr. Larry E. Dixon: Author, Professor, Speaker, Theologian. His blog post is titled, “Ten Reason I Wish I Were Rob Bell – Part I.” I’m filing it under the “I-Wish-Wrote-This” department.

Reason #2- Knowing that whatever I write will become an instant bestseller. Bell knows that critics like me will buy his book to ferret out his heresies and write lengthy critiques that other slightly overweight Bible-thumping Evangelicals will read and go “yep. That’s what I thought too!” And he knows that liberal Christians love what he is saying and will also buy his book. I want to star in my own stream-of-consciousness promo videos and have others parody them. Presently, I’ve written about eight books which have sold, well, not as many as Rob Bell. I like to write — and it would be nice if people bought what I wrote. [Read the Rest of Part I…]

Read première partie, at Dr. Larry’s blog, “Ten Reasons I Wish I Were Rob Bell – Part I.

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