A Christian’s Beginning

Know therefore, whoever thou art, that art minded to be saved, thou must first begin with Christ crucified, and with the promise of remission of sins through his blood; which crucified Christ thou shalt not find in heaven as such; for there he is alive; but thou shalt find him in the Word; for there he is to this day set forth in all the circumstances of his death, as crucified before our eyes (Gal 3:1, 2). There thou shalt find that he died, when he died, what death he died, why he died, and the Word open to thee to come and wash in his blood. The word therefore of Christ’s Testament is the laver for all New Testament priests, and every Christian is a priest to God, to wash in.

—John Bunyan (1628-1688)
The Saints Privilege and Profit

c.1688, published after his death.

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