All Things Well

“The LORD gave, and the LORD hath taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD.”Job 1:21

Bereaved Christian, God has smitten, and the stroke has fallen heavily. The blessing you thought you could the least spare, and would be the last to leave you, God your Father has taken. Why has He done this? To show you what He can be in your extremity. It may be difficult for faith, in the first moments of your calamity, to see how it can be well to be thus afflicted; but be still and wait the issue. Banish from your mind every hard thought of God, stifle in your breast every rebellious feeling, suppress upon your lip every repining word, and bow meekly, submissively, mutely, to the sovereign, righteous will of your Father. The blessings, like spring flowers blooming on the grave over which you weep, that will grow out of this affliction, will prove that God never loved you more deeply, was never more intent upon advancing your best interests, never thought more of you, nor cared more for you, than at the moment when His hand laid your loved one low. Receive the testimony of one who has tasted, ay, has drunk deeply, of the same cup of grief which your Father God now mingles for you. Let us drink it without a murmur. It is our Father’s cup. As a father pities his children, so does He pity us even while He mingles and presents the draught. It is bitter, but not the bitterness of the curse; it is dark, but not the frown of anger; the cup is brimmed, but not a drop of wrath is there! Oh, wondrous faith that can look upon the beautiful stem broken; the lovely, promising flower, just unfolding its perfection, smitten; the toils and hopes of years, and in a moment, extinguished, and yet can say— “It is well!” Go, now, you precious treasure! God will have my heart, Christ would not I should be satisfied with His gift of love, but that I should be satisfied with His love without the gift. “You only are my portion, O Lord.” The world looks dreary, life has lost a charm, the heart is smitten and withered like grass, some of its dearest earthly affections have gone down into the tomb, but He who recalled the blessing is greater and dearer than the blessing, and is Himself just the same as when He gave it. Jesus would be glorified by our resting in, and cleaving to, Him as our portion, even when the flowers of earthly beauty, and the yet more precious fruits of spiritual comfort and consolation wither and depart. Satan would suggest that we have sinned away our blessings and forfeited our comforts, and that therefore the Lord is now hiding His face from us, and in anger shutting up His tender mercies. But this is not really so; He is hiding the flowers, but not Himself. In love to them, He is transferring them to His garden in heaven; and in love to us, He thus seeks to draw us nearer to His heart. He would have us knock at His door, and ask for a fresh cluster. We cherish our blessings, and rest in our comforts, and live upon our frames and feelings, and lose sight of and forget Him. He removes those who we might be always coming to Him for more. Oh, matchless love of Jesus!

But the place where the clearest view is taken of the present unfathomable dispensations of God, and where their unfolding light and unveiling glory wake the sweetest, loudest response to this truth— “He has done all things well” —is heaven. The glorified saint has closed his pilgrimage; life’s dark shadows have melted into endless light; he now looks back upon the desert he traversed, upon the path he trod, and as in the full blaze of glory each page unfolds of his wondrous history, testifying to some new recorded instance of the loving kindness and faithfulness of God, the grace, compassion, and sympathy of Jesus, the full heart exclaims— “He has done all things well.” The past dealings of God with him in providence now appear most illustrious to the glorified mind. The machinery of Divine government, which here seemed so complex and inexplicable, now appears in all its harmony and beauty. Its mysteries are all unraveled, its problems are all solved, its events are all explained, and the promise of the Master has received its utmost fulfillment, “What I do you know not now but you shall know hereafter.” That dispensation that was enshrouded in such mystery; that event that flung so dark a shadow on the path; that affliction that seemed so conflicting with all our ideas of God’s infinite wisdom, truth, and love; that stroke that crushed us to the earth— all now appears but parts of a perfect whole; and every providence in his past history, as it now passes in review, bathed in the liquid light of glory, swells the anthem— “HE HAS DONE ALL THINGS WELL!”

Evening Thoughts
October 27
Octavius Winslow

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  1. Hi Pastor Jon,

    The last paragraph was a comfort for me; knowing that when we are with Him, He will make known to us all the “whys” of our life’s journeys. The inexplicable will be explained and how gracious of Him to do this. We will see all that has come about for the purposes of which we’re to give God glory and we will see it clearly and praise Him all the more for it. Such a great comfort this is— when things are happening around you that you do not understand and do not see how it can possibly be of benefit to anyone.

    Sure am enjoying your Bunyan articles as well–especially the current ones on false professors and lack of repentance.

    May the Lord bless you!

    • Thank you, sister for those thoughts. Thank you, also, for your encouraging words.

      And as you can tell, my admiration for the life God has raised through Mr. Bunyan is tremendously great. Though he was a man of as man sins and faults as any of us saved by God’s amazing grace, he was filled with God’s truth and it exuded from him as naturally as an expelled breath. As Mr. Spurgeon said of him, “Prick him anywhere, and you’ll find that his blood is Bibline.”

      I hope to find time to have the modern English edition ready for press by the end of this year or the beginning of next year. It is an invaluable resource for the body of Christ and one that I so want to make available and accessible, through its modern rendering, to as many people as possible.

      Many blessings to you, again, dear sister.

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