An Open Letter to Bob Coy

But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die. —Genesis 2:17

Apparently, death is a pretty neutral thing to Bob Coy, pastor of Calvary Chapel of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Thanks to Lee Shelton, our good friend and brother blogger at The Contemporary Calvinist, he provides a YouTube clip of Bob Coy speaking of death, not in neutral terms, but in positive terms.

It’s only 53 seconds long so you can have The Contemporary Calvinist popup HERE.

Now, I’m not against Arminians at all. Sometimes I think I receive more heartburn from the words of many Calvinists of every ilk than I do from the most overzealous of Arminians.  But Bob, Bob, Bob… please! Did you even give a thought to what you’ve uttered, albeit rhetorically? Here is what you said:

“Do you mean to tell me that a dead man can respond to the command of Christ; and even in an act of obedience!”

Bob, are you saying that death, the punishment for disobedience, that penalty promised to Adam by God, is not a bad thing at all?

Do you mean to tell me that death, exemplified in this event of Lazarus’ death, that brought heartache to many, and that which even caused Jesus to weep, is no big deal?

Are you saying, Bob, that the disobedience of Adam, which plunged the whole human race into death, and brought sin to every man, woman, and child through natural generation, is odious to God, or offensive to His Person?

Are you suggesting that, Jesus Christ, who is the Way, the Truth, and THE LIFE, who paid the penalty of death, by His own death and shed blood, so that men could have life through faith, is actually a positive thing?

Are you saying that death, Christ’s last enemy to be put under His feet, is not really any big deal at all?

If it is, Bob, you have treated the death of Jesus Christ, as something so light, so flippant, and so… well meaningless, if the death of Lazarus was just a neat little episode to display some miraculous parlor trick.

Bob, I love you. The best preaching of the Cross of Christ, will always fall short of God’s glory because the best of all we do is so full of flesh, that it cannot please God unless it is all of grace, and that, by faith (1 Corinthians 1:29; Romans 14:23; Hebrews 11:6). Yet, when you diminish the penalty, you’ve diminished the sin; when you’ve diminished the sin; you’ve diminished the atonement; when you’ve diminished the atonement, you’ve dishonored Christ.

Here, it’s less than 20 minutes long overall. The last 15 minutes of this recording is from a funeral I preached on Tuesday, of a friend. My text was John 11:30-38. Here is the popup player through

I’m not asking you to adopt the Five Points of Calvinism; God’s truth is revelation truth and it must come by the Word and Spirit (1 Corinthians 2:14; Romans 10:17), so that’s between you and He. I am praying that you get to the Cross, consider that Christ died, and at least plead to the Lord for an understanding of His redemption through His substitutionary death and His precious blood shed.

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