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I’m getting old.  At least I’m a lot older than I thought I was, and much, much older than I can remember myself being. It used to be all knuckles and know-how for this former comic book super hero, just plain joe, and weekend father; but now it doesn’t matter if I remember jotting down my notes on a list… when more than half the time I can’t find the list when I need it.  Praise God, He giveth more grace.

Another reason I know I’m getting old is that for the past ten years people used to ask me what my favorite Bible translation was and I’d tell them,


These days I realize that I really need a large print Bible more than ever. I’ve needed reading for quite some time but now it has come to a point that I just can’t get my eyes to focus with them… and when I spend half the day looking for those crazy spectacles and when I do finally find them, it turns out they have been sitting on my head the entire time. That’s when you begin to suspect that there may be something going on.

At any rate, I thought it would be a nice time for you all to chime in….  sound off… let us know…

WHAT’S YOUR SWORD OF CHOICE? What English Bible or Bible translations do you use for study, devotions, preaching, teaching, etc.?

Me? I still use the Cambridge University Press Genuine Goatskin Presentation Reference Edition, King James Version purchased for me by my lovely wife. This I use for preaching, teaching, and personal devotions.

I’ve been enjoying the English Standard Version for casual reading.

I often use a New American Standard for personal Bible study.

So, what’s in your den, study, or personal office?

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