The Call of Salvation

“Once I was tied to the wild horse of my lust, tied hand and foot, incapable of resistance, and was galloping on with hell’s wolves behind me, howling for my body and my soul, as their just and lawful prey. Then there came a mighty hand, which stopped that wild horse, cut my ropes, set me down, and gave me freedom. Is there power? Yes, there is power; and he who has felt it, must acknowledge it. There was a time when I lived in the strong old castle of my sins, and rested on my works. Then there came a trumpeter to the door, and begged me to open it. I, in anger, chased him from the porch, and said he would never enter. Then there came a glorious and loving person; His hands were marked with scars, where nails were driven, and His feet had nail prints too; He lifted up His cross, using it as a hammer; at the first blow the gate of my prejudice shook; at the second it trembled more, at the third down it fell, and in He came; and He said, ‘Get up, and stand on your feet, for I have loved you with an everlasting love.'”

—Charles Spurgeon (1834-1892)

About Jon J. Cardwell

"The Spirited Speaker" - Pastor of Sovereign Grace Baptist Church in Anniston, Alabama. Nationally recognized speaker and publisher. Author of several books, including the bestseller, Christ and Him Crucified.

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