AVATAR: Wonderland of Postmodern Idealism

“So we see ourselves, (human culture, human civilization) as nature sees us; as the intruder, as the invader, as that which is threatening.” —James Cameron speaking to Charlie Rose, regarding the movie Avatar February 17, 2010.

This revealing statement illuminates one of many underlying ideologies being conveyed in the movie Avatar. Mankind (created in the image of God) is being portrayed as a tyrant determined to ruthlessly destroy planet Pandora for financial gain. The seductive beauty of Pandora is a carefully crafted illusion through the power of imagination and visualization, that beckons us to change our allegiance from human beings to alien beings called Na’vi. On Pandora, all things are possible, including philosophies subtly erecting “Fortresses” in our thinking, standing in opposition to the Word of God.

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Adding to the Sufficiency of the Gospel

When, as believers, we forget the gospel, we usually resort to futile and useless attempts to supplement the grace of God. We, almost unconsciously, do little extra things to try to secure the Lord’s favor. But, this kind of behavior places us in direct opposition to the cross of Christ. It’s just another way of snubbing the Lord. We, in actuality, by our efforts to show Him how worthy we are, are saying that the grace found in Christ’s doing and dying is not sufficient for us.

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The Wednesday Word: Be Not Deceived!

Beginning today, Justification by Grace will be presenting “The Wednesday Word,” a weekly article from pastor, missionary and itinerant preacher, Miles McKee. Brother Miles is currently raising support to return to Ireland, where the truth of Jesus Christ and Him crucified has been very sadly forgotten, neglected or ignored. We are very grateful to Brother Miles for making “The Wednesday Word” available to anyone that would care to post them on their blogs and websites, as well as publish them in their church bulletins. If the Lord should bring him to remembrance, please pray for Miles McKee and his family as they heed the Lord’s call to return to Ireland to advance the kingdom and the cause of Christ.

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