Christ and Him Crucified: Another Excerpt

Although there is much more included within these powerful statements by the apostle, these fundamental truths just proposed are certainly included. Must every detail mentioned in this chapter be assented to and acknowledged in order for a soul to be saved? No, not every detail, but the basics within each heading should be: that is, of Jesus Christ’s incarnation, crucifixion, resurrection, ascension, and consummation.

That these truths are included, we must take note of the impact of these carefully inspired words penned by the apostle: “Jesus Christ, and him crucified.” The Person and work of Jesus Christ are never divorced one from another. Christ does by virtue of who He is, and who He is necessitates what He does. The words selected in this statement tell us that the impact of the crucified Christ, according to scripture, is a truth that must be emphasized in all that we think, say, and do to bring unto God the greatest glory mankind can manifest as wretched sinners saved by free and sovereign grace.

Moreover, brethren, I declare
The gospel preach’d to you
Which you’ve receiv’d and wherein stand;
By which ye are sav’d too.

That is to say, if ye hold fast
The Word preach’d as it came
To you in pow’r and trusting faith
Unless believ’d in vain.

For I deliver’d unto you
This most important Word:
No different from the gospel truth
That also I had heard―

How for our sins that Christ had died,
In holy writ preserv’d;
And buried, rising the third day,
Recorded in God’s Word.

This excerpt is taken from Christ and Him Crucified, ch.III, pgs.22, 23.

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