Christ-Like Light in Young Men

If you have ever wondered what the Lord holds for the future of our young people, take an encouraging look at the thoughts of my dear friend and younger brother, Corey P., aka the Ink Slinger. His article, “Manners and the Chivalric Code” is a blessing for all; and like a young Spurgeon, who pastored his first church at 17, Corey has not yet reached his twentieth birthday.

Take a look at this excerpt from today’s article and I exhort you to go to Corey’s blog, read the article in its entirety, and if so led of the Lord, leave an encouraging comment if his expression of truth has blessed you:

The Christian man is not courteous towards a woman because he is concerned about his public image. He is courteous to her because he recognizes and affirms her value, her worth; the fact that she is made in God’s image; the fact that she is to be respected and honored; the fact that she carries gifts from the hand of God, and that these should be cherished and treasured. [Read the rest by Clicking Here]

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