The Church: Why Bother? Review

“The chief and sole goal of the church is to bring glory to God. Yet, glorifying God cannot happen without holiness, and holiness cannot exist apart from the truth.” —Chap. 3, para. 1, Kindle Location 540 (pg. 47, paperback)

The Church: Why Bother?In early 2007, a book was released by an Emergent (or Emerging) Church pastor titled, THEY LIKE JESUS BUT NOT THE CHURCH: INSIGHTS FROM EMERGING GENERATIONS. From a title like this, it’s clear he (and others) hasn’t a clue what the church is all about, what scripture says about what the church is and what it is not, what is the gospel, and what is Biblical Christianity. Imagine this scenario: You invite me to your home, I arrive with my lovely wife, Lisa, in tow, and when I get to your door you tell me, “You can come in, pastor, but I don’t like your wife. She’s not welcome here.” There are certainly gatherings of people calling themselves a “church” of Jesus Christ that do not reflect the behavior or resemble the Biblical picture of what is, in gospel truth, the beloved bride of Christ. Come on people, we’ve all read Matthew 7:21-23, haven’t we? Yet, to portray the true church of Jesus Christ, with the kind of perspective presented in the aforementioned book title, though pervasive today, is altogether wrong doctrinally misinformed at best and hateful, unbiblical and unchristian at worse. Hard words, I know, yet words needing to be said regardless of toes and feelings.

This is why a book like Pastor Johnson’s THE CHURCH: WHY BOTHER? is an important blessing for American Christianity today. It is a must read for anyone professing Biblical faith in Jesus Christ, in my humble opinion.

Although Jeff’s tongue is firmly pressed into his cheek in his chapter titles, he is sober and serious when it comes to the glory of God, the exaltation of Jesus Christ, and the holiness of Christ’s beloved and precious church. As a master builder under the tutelage of the Holy Spirit, Pastor Johnson dispels the untruths with surgeon-like precision and builds upon the sure foundation of Jesus Christ.

It is a book I whole-heartedly recommend, not only to Christian believers, but also to church leaders as a standard for membership. As a pastor myself, I’m so very happy to have the convenience of this book in Kindle eBook form as we have already begun incorporating THE CHURCH: WHY BOTHER? into our membership curriculum. The questions at the end of each chapter make this little volume excellent for use in Bible studies and membership classes.

I read this eBook on my Galaxy S6 (Android phone), as well as on my desktop and laptop. It is formatted well and the endnotes are hyperlinked so as to view the references easily and return to the exact point of reading.

My only misgiving about the book is that there is currently no accompanying workbook and an audio version would be a blessing to some of those in our congregation who are visually impaired (politically correct way of saying “blind as a bat”).

For the week October 19, 2015 through October 23, 2015, the Kindle eBook, which is regularly $4.49, will be a ridiculously low 99 cents.


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"The Spirited Speaker" - Pastor of Sovereign Grace Baptist Church in Anniston, Alabama. Nationally recognized speaker and publisher. Author of several books, including the bestseller, Christ and Him Crucified.

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  1. Seriously now, another must read book that I’m obligated to purchase. No John, this book may or may not be helpful, but it surely isn’t necessary. When is some professing believer going to actually offer their supposed spiritual gifts like Jesus commands- freely give as they have freely received. I suppose that’s just a little out of date these days. No deal here- not for those who continue to merchandize the body of Christ all for the sake of growing their own religious kingdoms on earth.

    Can I ask you a question John. Despite your claims about the church, isn’t it literally true that “church” and church related things have never had anything to do with New Testament Christianity? The word church as you know was wrongly translated from the Greek word “ekklesia” and doesn’t even remotely mean the same thing. Despite this, an error a 10 year old could discover on their phone, you supposed experts and leaders keep touting and promoting “church” as if that is what Jesus has been or is building. That is not true- that is a lie. Men build earthly churches- Jesus is building His heavenly ekklesia. These things despite what you and others claim are not the same thing.

    Jesus will never be truly uplifted and glorified until all of you supposed leaders truly learn to die to yourselves instead of living it up as self-appointed masters in your own religious kingdoms. You are rulers over your little domains, ruling over the people of God and dictating what they can and cannot do. Close your churches, abandon your religious titles and positions and follow Jesus like the simple saints of the 1st century did. Maybe, maybe then you might be worthy following as you follow Christ.

    Here’s a suggestion. In the least stop promoting yourself. The first thing I read on your site is this: As seen on CBS news, FOX, NBC and ABC. It’s bad enough that anyone would tout their own merits (that is hardly Christlike) but far worse is the fact that you seem to think a union with this worlds people is actually something to be proud of or looked upon as beneficial. The spirit running each of these entities in evil to the core. Your using them and their using you- much like Jimmy Graham and his presidential connections. Is that an example worth following? Are we to join hands and even promote the spirit of this world that crucified our Lord?

    How you can be the author of a bestselling book called Christ and Him Crucified is beyond me. Just looking over one page on your site proves you don’t even remotely follow His example. Die John, then maybe you might be worthy to speak of His name.

    Oh, and that individual you attempted to crucify because of the title, “They like Jesus, but not the church,” I love that title and it couldn’t be more true for me. I don’t know the author, haven’t read the book and I’m not in any way part of what is sometimes termed the emergent church. In fact, I oppose the majority of what I find there as you do. But the fact remains, church as it is found today IS THE greatest hindrance to real powerful spirit led service in Christ and always has been- because man after man builds his church, builds his institution and those entities prop up individuals who then become popular, famous and often rich. Can you not see how everything men build for God will be burned up? That nothing invested in this world will last? Why do you all continue to build with bricks and endorse and earthly kingdom that Jesus has nothing to do with? Prove me wrong. You can’t.

    Enough said. I and hundreds of thousands of people bailing from churches long for the day when Jesus shakes the foundations of the earth and every church upon it. Not one church has ever been necessary and no amount of church tradition or Bible verses can prove that it is.

    The church needs to die, so that all that remains is God’s Word, God’s people and a daily dependence upon Jesus Christ for everything.

    All of you

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