Casting Out Devils 2

I would like to address a paragraph that was not written as well as it could have been written from the introduction to this series of articles; the introduction being the one entitled “Casting Out Devils.”

I received a bit of feedback from some folks who asked if I was implying that Ken Silva was suffering from a case of self-importance. Allow me to answer that quite directly: no. Is he exempt from falling victim to self-exaltation and self-importance? Absolutely not. In fact, ministers are more susceptible to pride than anyone else; and often the Lord gives us thorns in the flesh lest we should be exalted above measure. In a sermon preached in 1863, Mr. Spurgeon shared a story of John Bunyan that illustrates the point:

We preach the gospel, and if God helps us, oh! directly the devil will have us to take some of the praise. “You preached a good sermon this morning,” said one to John Bunyan, as he came down the stairs. “You are too late,” said honest John, “the devil told me that when I was preaching.”[i]

I don’t monitor Ken or his website. When I happen to see something from his site that I should be sharing, I share it. Since Ken and I are friends, if he were exhibiting tendencies of self-importance or delusions of grandeur, believe you me, I’d let Ken know. I would also think that I might receive the same loving correction from Ken, or any of you for that matter, were I to become puffed up or exalted above measure.

The items Brother Silva shares on contemplative spirituality are not unimportant; and that there has been very little response to his posts indicates that people either don’t know what the issue is, or don’t care, or both.

[i] Charles Spurgeon, Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit, Sermon No. 542 “Paul—His Cloak and His Books”

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  2. “if he were exhibiting tendencies of self-importance or delusions of grandeur, believe you me, I’d let Ken know.”

    I know you would; and I’m glad you would. I would want to know as well.

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