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Be sure to check out our website for Sovereign Grace Baptist Church’s “Flowing Faith Conference” taking place in Anniston, Alabama from Sunday evening, September 11th through Wednesday evening, September 14th. Featured speaker will be Don Currin of Don Currin Ministries. He is also the missions director for Eastern Europe at HeartCry Missionary Society. As an itinerant preacher and conference speaker, Paul Washer has personally recommended Don Currin for our conference and guest speaker for the 10th Annual Meeting of the Sovereign Grace Baptist Fellowship, which will run concurrently as part of the conference on Tuesday, September 13th.

Click here for the Flowing Faith Conference website.

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Taken from Don Currin’s website, this is what pastors have to say about this man of God:

In a day of increasing cynicism concerning preachers, it is an encouraging treasure to count as a friend a man of God who has through years of faithfulness demonstrated genuineness and integrity. Don Currin is such a man. He has proven always an encourager from both his personal life and ministry messages. He is a vessel through whom God has been pleased to speak clearly and consistently, with fruit that remains. His ever-fresh walk with the living Christ and years of experience in serving the Lord make him a valuable asset in any relationship. I can recommend this beloved brother without hesitation or qualification.

Pastor T. P Johnston, Jr.
Calvary Baptist Church
Smyrna, GA

Don has been to our church on several occasions and has always come with a heart prepared by God. He is sensitive to the Holy Spirit and bold in his declarations of truth. He is aware of the needs of the local church, its pastor, and its people. God has given Don a good balance in his ministry as he challenges the believers and reaches out to the lost. He will help your church and you also will benefit from Don’s life and message. Sound doctrine, practical application,and Holy Spirit power all come forth from Brother Currin’s ministry.

Pastor John Cartwright
Calvary Independent Baptist
Morton, PA

I have known Don Currin for over twenty years. It is quite evident that God has called and gifted him to be an evangelist. The greatest proof of his ministry is his fruit. In May of 1982 my wife, a pastor’s wife, was saved in a meeting we had with Brother Don.

Pastor Larry Henderson
Maineland China Mission Int.
Sanford, NC

Don Currin boldly proclaims the truth of the Word of God. He demonstrates a commitment to expositional teaching and to application for living. When Don was with us at New Brunswick Bible Institute, I appreciated his penetrating preaching and gracious spirit. My own heart was renewed while Don was with us, and I saw God do a cleansing work in the hearts of several lives during his days of ministry on campus. I highly commend this faithful servant of Christ.

Mr. John Hoag
New Brunswick Bible Institute
Victoria, New Brunswick, Canada

I wholeheartedly recommend the revival ministry of Don Currin to churches. We have had Don in our church on several occasions. He is well balanced in the areas of revival and evangelism. He speaks the truth in love. I strongly urge churches to use the unique and much needed ministry of the Spirit filled man.

Pastor Ronnie Riggins
New Life Baptist Church
New Cumberland, PA


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"The Spirited Speaker" - Pastor of Sovereign Grace Baptist Church in Anniston, Alabama. Nationally recognized speaker and publisher. Author of several books, including the bestseller, Christ and Him Crucified.

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