Take Now Thy Son

As this is our third time looking at this passage of scripture in the past two months, I thought it would be nice to have a scripture paraphrase this week to prepare us to glean even more from these verses. The content of this portion was written in Common Meter and may be sung to familiar tunes such as “O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing” or “Am I a Soldier of the Cross.”

Genesis 22:1-14

1 And it was unto Abraham
That God his faith did try;
“Abraham,” God call’d; and he to
The Lord said, “Here am I.”

2 ‘Take now, thy son, thine only son,
Isaac whom you do love;
Go to the land of Moriah
To the mount I tell of.

“And take Isaac this son of faith,
And sacrifice him there;
A burnt off’ring quite sanctified,
Though Isaac be your heir.”

3 Early morning Abraham rose,
Determined to obey,
He took two servants and his son
And prepared his donkey.

He cut the wood for sacrifice
And went the way God said;
By faith he trusted in God’s pow’r
To raise him from the dead.[1]

4 That third day his eyes were lifted
Up and saw that far off place.
Abraham told his servants, “Stay,”
Until they saw his face.

Likewise they would see Isaac too,
Once they had worshiped there.
With wood, fire and knife both men climb’d
Mount Calv’ry’s ancient stair.

7 “My father!” Isaac ask’d his dad,
“My dear Son, here am I.”
“Behold, the fire and the wood,
But where’s the lamb to die?”

8 “God will provide Himself,” he said,
“My son, the lamb to kill.”
So both continu’d and they there,
9 Built an altar on th’hill.

Abraham laid out all the wood
And tied his son upon it;
  Abraham took the knife in hand:
His son’s throat would he slit.

11  “Abraham, Abraham!” was heard
From heaven down to earth;
It was the Angel of the LORD:
T’was Christ before His birth.

And Abraham said, “Here am I.”
  “Don’t lay your hand,” Christ said,
“Upon the lad, nor harm at all
One hair upon his head.”

“For now I know that you fear God,
Withholding not your son,
Thine only son, whom thou dost love,
From Me, the Holy One.”

13 And Abrah’m lifted up his eyes
And saw a ram was caught
In th’ thorny thicket by his horns,
A substitute God brought.

And Abraham went and took the ram
And made a sacrifice;
To Jehovah in his son’s stead;
No man can pay that price.

14  “Jehovah-jireh” is the name
Of this place to this day;
“For on this mount it shall be seen,”
Redemption God’s own way.

[1] Hebrews 11:17-19

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  1. Jon,
    I LOVE THIS!! Thank you! This is such a precious and powerful way to impress these truths on our hearts and minds. I’m looking forward to sharing this with my children today.

  2. Jon,

    I just listened to a message by R.C. Sproul today on this topic. Very encouraging.


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