God’s Blood

by Miles McKee

Believing God’s testimony concerning the shed blood of Jesus identifies us with Jesus in His death. Because the blood has been applied to us we are legally counted as those who have paid the penalty of the broken law in full. This is what is meant by being “washed in his blood.”

This is good news from the good news. This good news tells us, not what we have to do, in order to be saved, but tells us what Christ Jesus has already done to save us. Let’s be clear on this; only that which God has accomplished in Christ on our behalf can save us eternally (Eph 1:7, Eph 2:13).

We need to learn that the gospel is much more than the revelation of the heart of God in Christ Jesus; it is this, but it is much more.  It is also the revelation of the righteousness of God (Rom 1:17) and it is this revelation of righteousness that, if it were possible, makes the gospel even more powerful.

That Christ Jesus poured out his blood as the sinner’s substitute is God’s declaration that His love will not compromise His justice. In the gospel, the broken law and love are brought together; our sin is condemned and judged righteously in the person of our substitute and we are acquitted (Rom 8:33). Our sin has been taken away (Jn 1:29). Our past present and future are forever under the blood! Sin cannot be in two places at one time; if it is laid upon Jesus, it is taken off us. Our sin is gone forever because Christ has taken our iniquities, and carried them away where they shall never be mentioned against us again. This is an amazing truth from the gospel. Spurgeon said,

“Oh, what a blessed truth is this! If a man, who has been blind for fifty years, could have his eyes opened, and could be taken out to see the stars, or to look up to the sun, how he would clap his hands, and cry, ‘What a wondrous sight it is!’ And I know that, when I first perceived that Christ stood in my place, and that I stood in his place, —that I was accepted because he was rejected, that I was beloved because he endured his Father’s wrath on my account, —my soul felt as if it had never lived before, and had never known anything that was worth knowing till it perceived that wondrous truth.”

Do you know anything of this? Be sure of this, God will not deal favorably with people who slight or scorn the blood. God is unchangeable on this point for the honor of the Son is involved. The blood of the gospel is God’s blood (Acts 20:28), so it is not difficult to see that God is inflexible on this matter. The shed blood of the Lord Jesus is the blood of He who is the brightness of Yahweh’s glory and the express image of His person (Heb 1:3). How then is it possible that He can overlook any affront or indifference to the blood (Heb 10:29)? He cannot!

Do not quarrel with God about the blood. It is not wise to call God absurd in this matter of salvation in Christ alone. His infinite wisdom has arranged that Christ would pour out His blood for the sinner’s salvation! If you reject the blood of the Lord Jesus, you reject Christ. Reject Christ and you reject God Himself (John 13:20).

Behold, I fall before Thy face;
My only refuge is thy grace:
No outward forms can make me clean
The leprosy lies deep within.

No bleeding bird, nor bleeding beast,
Nor hyssop branch, nor sprinkling priest,
Nor running brook, nor flood, nor sea,
Can wash the dismal stain away.

Jesus, my God, thy blood alone
Hath power sufficient to atone;
Thy blood can make me white as snow;
No Jewish types could cleanse me so

And that’s the Gospel Truth

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  1. Powerful word! Could God be perfectly just if He were not perfectly loving, or visa versa? Is the cross not proof that the two are inseparable? Blessings, brother!

  2. sing a song of happiness sing a song of love sing a song of cheerfulness sing and you will prove life is not all bitterness life is not all wrong life is full of hopefulness lifes a happy song that old old story is true ive found out the reason they love it so well that old old story is true

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