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“It is Christ and His work for us, done on our behalf, that saves us. Faith understands this…. Faith has taught us that all our hope is in Christ and His finished work, not in the work He is doing within us by His Spirit.” —AND THAT’S THE GOSPEL TRUTH!, Kindle Location 180

The book, And that’s the Gospel Truth!, by D. G. Miles McKee, was released in paperback and Kindle eBooks on August 1, 2014, exactly four months from his April 1 preaching engagement at Sovereign Grace Baptist Church in Anniston, Alabama (so I knew the book was coming out in April).

Author, pastor and evangelist Miles McKee writes like he preaches: with passion for the truth of the Biblical gospel. The person and work of Jesus Christ. Christ crucified, His finished work upon the cross, is the creed of author McKee… and we could use more writers like him, with a voice that resounds atop the mountains with exhilarating joy, as well as echoing in the valleys to comfort us in the struggles of our darkest despair.

And that’s the Gospel Truth! presents several vignettes that contain powerful and eternal insights into the greatest truth of the universe for all ages: the gospel of Jesus Christ. Every chapter is a mini-sermon, yet to call them “mini” can be a great disservice to the book to think that the message is small. The messages are huge though conveyed in very few words, which really increases the power of its delivery. Many preachers have proclaimed rather eloquently for hours the simple gospel truths that D. G. Miles McKee has been able to do in only a few pages.

Miles McKee not only makes the deep theological truths accessible and easy to understand and digest, he brings the truths forth by the Spirit so that, if prayerfully received, they will be powerfully applied in the lives of the reader. His quotes from men like Spurgeon or Bonar season each message with salt and light, giving every point and precept greater depth and dimension.

The contents are also useful for devotional readings in the congregation. Having prepared a devotional message for a Wednesday evening prayer meeting some time ago, it struck me that the chapter of Pastor McKee’s book I had read earlier that morning would be appropriate for the congregation because of the prayers we had prayed. I put my notes aside, pulled out my Galaxy S4, opened my Kindle reading app, and read the chapter from my cell phone. What a blessing it was for the people of God that gathered that evening!

With 42 chapters (plus an Introduction and Conclusion) in And that’s the Gospel Truth! this can certainly be used as a daily devotional, meditating upon a chapter each day. Yet, this book is not a “read it, now let’s move on” book. It is rich in the gospel, the eternal truth, and therefore may be read and re-read, allowing your soul to continue mining the gold, silver and precious gems that adorn the Christians life hid with God in Christ.

This may be my favorite book by Miles McKee. Of the several books he’s written, you may enjoy Jesus is God: He always was and always will be! I read it a few years ago and actually reviewed the book right here at Preaching Christ Crucified when it had a different title (I’ll have to write a review for the new one as well).

I purchased the Kindle version of this book and it is formatted well so that I can read it easily on my Android phone, as well as on the Kindle Reader of my PC; and though I own it on Kindle, I still want to get the paperback because it will be easier to read a devotion to the congregation from the pages than from the phone screen.

It’s in paperback and Kindle eBooks. Get it. Read it. Reread it. I highly recommend it. Here is a link to the eBook:

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