Heavenly Springs

Heavenly Springs

After a brief sabbatical (about two years?), Christian Langella is back with her blog, “Heavenly Springs” located at ChristinaLangella.com.

In the past, her blog was informative and delightful… and it looks as if she has kicked it up a notch with such recent articles as “The Indefatigable Monica of Hippo.” Check out this excerpt:

GOD’S PURPOSES WILL BE ACCOMPLISHED REGARDLESS OF AN IMPERFECT UPBRINGING: Even though Monica came from a devout Christian home, her parents (oddly enough) arranged her marriage to a pagan. He was a foul-mouthed, ill-tempered man, who subjected his wife to the pain of multiple adulteries. Though Monica rejoiced to see his conversion to Christianity one year before he died, his influence on Augustine was considerably bad and seemingly irreversible.  But God’s grace is greater. Too many Christian parents, especially those who came to Christ later in life, live with the guilt of the “damage” they’ve done to their children.  But God overrules our mistakes!

CLICK THIS LINK to go read the entire article.

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  1. Thanks for the support brother Jon! I am still trying to get my blogging bearings and by God’s grace, will make Heavenly Springs beneficial place for the saints!! All our love to the Cardwell family!

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