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My new eBook, “KISS CHRISTIANITY,” is available to address the simple Biblical principles behind a true spiritual walk in Christ… and the book is absolutely FREE!

K.I.S.S. “Keep It Simple, Saints” CHRISTIANITY was written so that its truths are accessible regardless of your denominational affiliation. Discover four simple, Biblcial truths that, if applied to your life, will set your soul on fire for Jesus Christ.


A 2012 survey conducted by LifeWay Research of 2,900 Protestant church goers revealed that while 90 percent of those surveyed desired to “honor Jesus in all [they] do,” only 19 percent read the Bible daily.

Could it be that there is so much in the Bible that reading the word of God for most Christians becomes an insurmountable and daunting task?

Let’s take the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Christian life and simplify it for our understanding!

Take-Away… K.I.S.S., “Keep It Simple, Saints”:

Know Christ   “That I may know him…”

Identify with Christ’s Gospel   “and the power of his resurrection…”

Suffer Well for Christ’s Sake   “and the fellowship of his sufferings…”

Sacrifice with Love for Christ   “being made conformable to his death;”

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