My Little Acorn

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” — Proverbs 22:6

dadndaughterThankfully, my teenage daughter has a sense of humor. It’s somewhat warped… like her father’s. As we do, at times, have a playful relationship, we can both laugh at ourselves.

Raising children is an interesting thing. Rachel is as sweet as can be one moment, and at the very next, lash out with very quick wit. There is nearly eight years separation between her and her next older sibling and that, I believe, has contributed much, not only to her growth in grace and strengthening in faith, but also to her personality. Rachel is different from her older sister and I recognize that I could not interact with one in the same way as the other.

Just this morning she was going on about something, so when her rant trailed off as she came into the kitchen where I was cleaning up my juicing machine, I said to her matter-of-factly,

“Where do you think you came from? We found you under the cabbage patch.”

“Dad,” she replied, correcting me, “don’t you mean in the cabbage patch?”

“No, you do err. We found you under the cabbage patch.”

She wasn’t a lost child. A daughter like mine can only be cultivated and dug up… and washed off and served up later as a very spicy kimchi or a nice picnic cole slaw.

At the dinner table one night, my wife noted that Rachel has many mannerisms similar to mine. Rachel looked at me with a furled brow and tightened jaw (apparently, exactly as I would have done).

“You see, look at that,” my wife said.

“They say, ‘the acorn doesn’t fall far from tree,'” I nodded; “but sometimes it rolls down hill way out of sight.”

God’s providence is holy, good and just; but it also comes with a delightful sense of humor. I couldn’t imagine my life without those that have been placed in my path by God’s sovereign grace… and today, most especially, I am thankful to the Lord for my daughter. I am grateful to my God for all my children. I have learned much from them, and Lord willing, I may apply what I’ve learned to honor Christ more unto the glory of God.

A Puritan Family Devotional - NASB

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  1. Lovely and light-hearted post. Family is wonderful and a God-given joy.

    Keep up the juicing! Hope your health is much better.

    God bless.

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