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Once again, we are refraining from posting articles on Justification by Grace so that we may spend time with our families in public and private worship on Sunday and Monday.

ANNOUNCER DON PARDO: Join us at Justification by Grace when we resume our regular broadcast week on Tuesday, June 22nd— as we hear Satch and Skeeter continue to explore man’s free will verses God’s sovereign election:

SKEETER: Yowza, Satch! My head’s still spinning from what’cha told me last week, but lay it on me again, an’ don’t hold back, Jack.

SATCH: Can do, Magoo. Here’s a little illustration the late E.W. Johnson used to use. Are you ready for this?

SKEETER: Give it to me straight, Nate.

SATCH: Alright. Let’s say that you’re a little goldfish in a bowl. Now, you’re free to swim all around that bowl however you want. You can pick up little rocks in your mouth an’ spit ‘em out. You can swim between the columns in the little ceramic castle next to the deep sea diver and bubbling treasure chest; but no matter how much you wished it, no matter how much you tried, you can’t get outside of that bowl. Even if you could get outside the bowl, which you can’t, you’d die because, as a goldfish, you’re made for the water and not for the air. You’d need a supernatural power outside of yourself, outside of your bowl, to scoop you out of your bowl and take you outside; but not only that, Skeets, that supernatural power has got to change your nature so you can survive in the new environment.

SKEETER: Ahh.  Poor little goldfish. Well, how does that relate to election and free will?

SATCH: I’m glad you asked ‘cause I’m gonna tell ya.

SKEETER: Do tell. Do tell. Fill me in, McGuin.

SATCH: Every fallen descendent of Adam is free to move around this planet as he pleases; or at least, fallen man thinks he does as he pleases. He’s not absolutely free because his situations, environment, and most importantly, his sinful nature actually dictate the direction of his will.

SKEETER: Wait up, Satch.  I’m not followin’.

SATCH: That’s okay, ‘cause we’ll talk about that next time. But back to point— this sinful man no matter how much he would want to, no matter how desirous he is to leave, he cannot leave the confines of his predicament. Even death won’t release him because his sinfulness is what makes the world sinful in the first place. God must remove him from his predicament and change his temporal, sinful nature into an eternal, super-nature, a heavenly nature; a nature that can live in God’s holy presence; a nature that can survive outside of the fish bowl.

SKEETER: “Heavens to Murgatroyd, Satch! Why doesn’t somebody tell me these things?”

SATCH: “Somebody just did, Skeeter. Somebody just did.”

ANNOUNCER DON PARDO: Justification by Grace— the all-weather weblog. On behalf of Jon Cardwell and Reformed dudes everywhere, this is Don Pardo, praying that you stay ever at the cross of Christ and in God’s Word by God’s amazing grace until Christ comes!

JON CARDWELL: Thank you, Don Pardo.

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