Mayhem or Majesty?

Mayhem Nightclub, Southend-on-Sea, UKThis image comes to us courtesy of our friends, the Photobotos Brothers, Charlie and Tom, at This photo was taken at Mayhem Nightclub, Southend-on-Sea in the United Kingdom by Ross Day. Now, as a photograph, it’s great… and even the subject that Ross Day captured in his photo presents one with the feeling of what the atmosphere was like on the evening he took this.

I couldn’t help but to comment, however, that on the eve of worship for those who profess to be Christians in the Americas, there are some gatherings in the United States that will have a youth service or even the primary worship service that resembles something like this. There is a sad irony here that this nightclub is called Mayhem, yet there are professing Christian ministers who are going out of their way in order to create an atmosphere like this.

Do we worship like the world or do we worship the Way, the Truth, and the Life, Jesus Christ in holy fear and trembling? Do we celebrate the mayhem of the world or the majesty of God in Christ?

Just a thought.


NOTE:  Other priorities have forced Charlie and Tom to have to leave Photobotos has recently exchanged hands and is under the care of Lee. For those who have enjoyed the photography presented at, I’m sure you are grateful that the site continues on.

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  1. Majesty? If this is ‘majesty’, then what does mayhem look like?

    When you can’t tell the church from the world, the world has won.

    Godly fear is a missing characteristic in many churches today. Where has the reverence for God gone?

    God help us.

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