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 It may seem rather strange to many for someone like me to write a missionary article on a modest little weblog like this one with the title, “Meet Paul Washer.” Most of those who read this blog already know who Paul Washer is. Yet, I have committed, slowly but surely, to list the missionaries and ministers that I pray for personally as a Christian, and passionately as a pastor. Paul Washer is one of those I do pray for daily; and while I’m waiting for more information from some of my other missionary friends, I thought I’d write this article. 
Jon Cardwell, Paul Washer, Don Currin - Spring 2010

If for some reason you’ve never heard of Brother Paul, or perhaps have heard his name, but really don’t know much about him, he is one who has been very mightily used of the Lord, particularly to reinforce the blessed truth of Christ, and Him crucified as the central truth of historical, Biblical Christianity. Brother Paul preached a message at a Southern Baptist Convention youth gathering in Montgomery, Alabama in 2002, which was posted by Grace Community Church on in May 2006; and in the four years that the sermon has been on the Internet, it has become the most downloaded sermon of’s ten year service on the worldwide web. The sermon had been given the title, “Shocking Youth Message Stuns Hearers, So Shocking the Preacher Was Never Invited Back.” (MP3 Popup Player). To date, the sermon has been downloaded over 136,000 times.

Having spent ten years on the mission field in Peru, Brother Paul has been called of the Lord to return to the U.S. where he is director of HeartCry Missionary Society. He still preaches itinerantly as he is much sought after around the world to minister God’s Word, but his heart is world missions, missions mobilization, and ministering to missionaries in the field.

The HeartCry offices have just moved to Virginia, and all this after Brother Paul has spent the entire month of May preaching forty plus times in Spain. Brother Paul, his family, and the entire HeartCry staff certainly need our prayers, support, and encouragement.

Paul Washer has a very special place in my heart, not only because we have mutual friends in missionaries, pastors, and preachers such as Justin Vold, Trevor Johnson, Paul Walker, and Frank Rollberg, but because we have had some similar experiences on the mission field. He can send me an email to encourage me, telling me not to forsake my personal devotions or my family time for the work of the ministry, knowing that he needs that reminder as well. We can both confess our failures and unfaithfulness, while at the same time rejoice in the goodness and blessed providence of God.

When Brother Paul speaks of having more metal in him “than a Tonka truck” most folks don’t realize that he rarely has a moment without pain. The grace of God certainly sustains him, and most that meet him, or even know him, quite often only see his jovial, good-natured demeanor rather than physical ailments he must constantly deal with. I can relate to that in a great many ways; and I know that Brother Paul would confess, as do I, that we wouldn’t have it any other way. Not because we need to suffer for Christ as if that offered God some significant merit on our part; no, it’s because we know that the providence of God has blessed us with these ailments to draw us nearer to Christ, as well as develop deeper trust. Further, we both know that every trial, sorrow, and tribulation will conform us to the image of God’s beloved Son.

Please pray for this beloved brother, who desires to be a precious son of God, a loving husband to his wife, and a nurturing father to his children.

You can download the message and listen at you leisure by clicking on the sermon title, Shocking Youth Message” here.

A Defense of Calvinism

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  1. Thank you so much for this introduction. And, what a great picture, too!

    As you know, Paul Washer’s preaching has been very significant to me & Steven. I remember when we first saw the clip that you refer to we had not yet come to understand scriptures in light of Reformed Theology or the doctrines of Grace. We did however discern a sobriety and soundness in his preaching — the likes of which we longed to hear.

    I pray that God would raise up more ministers like Paul Washer who are not afraid to preach a crucified Christ to a hostile world. Ministers who are more interested in pleasing God than they are people.

    May the Lord bless him and his family. May the Lord continue to use Paul in a mighty way and may he be kept safe in the shadow of the cross of Christ.

    Again, thank you for this introduction. Blessings to you, brother Jon!

  2. Hi Pastor Jon,

    I know I have mentioned to you how the shocking youth message changed my life! I gathered my family and some friends to watch it and sent it to a lot of people. That was about 2 years ago. I had never heard the gospel presented like that. It was a tremendous blessing to me and we have listened to a lot of his sermons and teachings since.

    What a great picture of you all. You are blessed to have such a friendship!

    You are in my prayers, as you know, and I pray for him and his family as well that God would continue to use him, and you, to be bold witnesses for the Lord. I do thank the Lord that He has placed you both here… at this time…so that we may grow and benefit from the word of God that Christ compels you to speak.

    May the Lord pour out His love and mercy in abundance today towards you.

  3. Brother Paul has been a tremendous blessing to my wife and I (and will be to our young children) and Brother Paul was also used mightily by God to encourage me when I was coming out of the lukewarm Laodicean church I was in (back in 2007).

    He is the preacher for this generation and I am ever grateful that God has used him in such mighty ways. Thanks for the post.

    – The Pilgrim

  4. Thank you for your comments, folks.

    What a blessing to hear the testimonies of saints to whom God has blessed so mightily through frail, fallen men; men like our dear friend, Paul Washer, who have nothing to give except for what God has given them.

  5. Hi,

    My favorite message of pastor Paul is about the true meaning of the cross. The message is amazing, i truly understand the reason of the death of Jesus Christ.

  6. Thank you for this overview and the hints. Great – as we really appreciate Paul Washer and his co-workers in Indonesia — as you can see here:
    Keep on with your great blog!

  7. I am lost and I want to be saved. the first time I heard paul washer i knew that he spoke the truth even though it was hard to except that I and all who I know have not been saved. I am afraid of the false teaching from preachers after learning that i have been mislead by them and I have no idea where to turn. I want to be around people that are true Christians and learn how to live the right way. I can find my answers in the bible but I get so confused I’d like to have an example I can see today to start a base of the way I want to be. If that makes sence. all I know is I’ve cryed out for God to save me so many times in my 27 years and I still dont feel him. i want to be a new creature. i want help but I think God has turned his back on me because of the way I have lived, my sins, my addictions, my transgressions, and my selfishness lawlessness. I have the blood of jesus on my hands, I am ashamed and I don’t understand how to be the person I need to become so that God may hear my crys and give me a knew heart. If I could be in touch and have a preacher like Paul to trust near me I would take every opportunity available to be actively involved. I have no family that is even sober, everyone I’ve known my whole life does not know Jesus. Nobody wants to talk about it with me, they all say it’s depressing. I feel sick in my guts with fear and worry about failing myself and my child in God’s eyes. I think that there is nothing more important to focus conversation on. I want Jesus Christ.

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