Mighty Champions

“There never shall come a day when the church shall be without mighty champions for the truth, who fail to declare the whole counsel of God; but continually, to the latest period of time, men shall be raised up to preach free grace in all its sovereignty, in all its omnipotence, in all its perseverance, in all its immutability. Until the sun grows dim with age, and the comets cease their mighty revolutions— until all nature quakes and totters with old age, and, palsied with disease, dies away— the voice of the ministry must and shall be heard, ‘and daily shall He be praised.’ Men cannot put out the light of Christianity— the pulpit is still the critical narrow pass of Christendom, and if there were but two godly ministers they would stand in the pass and repulse a thousand— yes, ten thousand. All the hosts of mankind shall never vanquish the feeble band of Christ’s follower’s, while He sends forth his ministers. On this we rely as a sure word of prophecy— ‘You teachers shall no more be removed into a corner;’ and we believe that by this ministry daily shall Christ be praised.”

—Charles Spurgeon (1834-1892)

About Jon J. Cardwell

"The Spirited Speaker" - Pastor of Sovereign Grace Baptist Church in Anniston, Alabama. Nationally recognized speaker and publisher. Author of several books, including the bestseller, Christ and Him Crucified.

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