Mike Wright Writes About What’s Right With Christ and Him Crucified

Okay, I admit it. It was probably easier to type that title than to say it… I couldn’t resist. But as my Filipina auntie would say, “Three Wrights will never make a Wong.” Okay, maybe she didn’t say that exactly. That’s my paraphrase of a thought translation from her very deep Tagalog. I digress. My apologies.

Seriously. I would have been as blessed that my treatment of the gospel presentation received one star on a five-star rating system, or even from a ten-star system. Yet, Michael Wright, having read Christ and Him Crucified and reviewed the book, has generously given the treatise four stars. Here is an excerpt for his review:

A book written with the express purpose of declaring the glory of Christ’s redemption of His church, this small tome brings to us a tremendous balance of solid doctrine, sincere exhortation, Biblical foundation, and superb writing through nine easy to read and thorough chapters. READ THE ENTIRE REVIEW HERE.

When I say it was difficult to pick a paragraph to excerpt, I’m not exaggerating in the least. You’ll see when you read the entire review. I am so very deeply humbled. But it’s not just Brother Mike’s review at his blog, Biblical Book Reviews, that humbles me so; as with Corey Poff, our blessed Ink Slinger, Michael writes with an energetic style, an excellent knowledge and understanding of scripture, a wisdom beyond his years, and most importantly, a desire to glorify God in the exaltation of Jesus Christ. Check out Michael’s blog, Made Free, which has taken a coveted place on our JBG blogroll. While you’re there, take a particular look at his articles, “The Duties of Shepherds-1” and “The Duties of Shepherds-2.”

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