by Miles McKee 

The blood shedding of Israel’s sacrifices could not take away sins (Heb 10:4). Although the Old Testament sacrifices pointed towards the truth of the sinner’s substitute, these sacrifices were, in fact, more a “remembrance of sins,” than an act that took them away.  The Old Testament sacrifices showed how, before sin can be forgiven, an innocent life must be taken. But then, the continual repetition of the sacrifices also showed the need for a more powerful sacrifice to fully and finally put away sin.

In the New Covenant, we discover that one man and one man only, the God/Man, has accomplished and finished the final blood sacrifice. In Christ, a perfect life has been presented as the sinner’s substitute. By His perfect death He has accomplished that which all the Old Testament sacrifices could never do (Heb 9:25-26). He has put away sins by the offering of Himself. He is enough!

And now for some more good news; God does not ask for two lives, or two deaths, or two payments. “Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many (Heb 9:28). In that he died, he died unto sin once” (Rom 6:10).  “He offered one sacrifice for sins forever” (Heb 10:12).  It is finished!  It is complete. Redemption has been accomplished! 

There is no need, consequently, to repeat this sacrifice for the Father looks at the work of the Son and is satisfied.  To suppose, as some do, that Christ can be offered each week or each day as a bloodless sacrifice is, therefore, plainly silly. There is neither need nor reason that He should be called off His throne and sacrificed once again for the sins of men.

When Jesus said: “It is finished” (John 19:30), Righteousness and Peace kissed (Ps 85:10); redemption was accomplished and as one old preacher said, “Hell went into a panic.”

In the Greek language, Christ’s words “It is Finished” is actually one word ‘tetelestai’ (perfect passive indicative of teleo). This word can equally be translated, “Perfect.” Think about it. Christ, on the cross, when He considered all that He had accomplished in His doing and dying, weighed it against the purpose for which He had been sent and declared, “Perfect!” In the midst of the writhing pain, and the mocking, having accomplished our redemption, he leans back His head and says, “Perfect.”

Redemption is perfect, His work is perfect, His salvation is perfect, our acquittal is perfect, His grace is perfect and His mercy is perfect. “It is finished; it’s all perfect!”

The momentous events of Calvary can be remembered but they can never be repeated. His work of redemption is finished— it is perfect. “But now once in the end of the world hath he appeared to put away sin by the sacrifice of himself (Hebrews 9:26). Christ Jesus doesn’t have to repeat something that is finished and perfect. A continual offering of Jesus as a sacrifice cannot put sin away because that work has already been accomplished (John 19:30). The sacrifice was made and accepted 2000 years ago. If sin was not put away then, it certainly has not been put away since, nor can ever be for there remains no more sacrifice for sin (Heb 10:26). Hear the good news; Christ has perfectly put away sin by the perfect sacrifice of Himself!

It is perfect! 

And that’s the Gospel Truth



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  1. “When Jesus said: “It is finished” (John 19:30), Righteousness and Peace kissed (Ps 85:10); redemption was accomplished and as one old preacher said, “Hell went into a panic.”

    Wow! Thank you brother Jon and brother Miles for posting this powerful reminder. Our memories are so short, aren’t they? Praise Him that He has granted His Church to live outside the shadows in the full light of His perfect and complete sacrifice.


    Blessings upon both of you today!

  2. “And that’s the Gospel Truth!” Amen!!!

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