Pouring Out the Heart in Prayer

“And Hannah answered and said, No, my lord, I am a woman of a sorrowful spirit: I have drunk neither wine nor strong drink, but have poured out my soul before the LORD.”  1 Samuel 1:15

When we pray are you pouring out your heart to a Sovereign Lord? Whether verbally, or in our heart as Hannah, we pray to God because there is no one else to whom our petitions, supplications, and requests my go. He alone is the One that has power to bring it to pass. He alone is almighty and can do it.

Do our prayers effect a change in God? God forbid. He is the Jehovah; He changeth not, and nothing I do or say can effect a change in the essence of His being or the nature of His Persons.

Then why pray? Why pour out our hearts?

Prayer is, first, an act of submission to God’s sovereignty in our situations and circumstances and a proclamation of His sovereignty in our very lives.

Second, prayer is an act of trust in God’s power and ability as Sovereign to receive our concerns, concerns that press against our hearts while we are in this world and walk in bodies that are weak. If we have surrendered our petitions, etc. unto God in prayer, and trust that our Sovereign has heard our prayers because we are His children through the precious blood and sacrifice of Jesus Christ, then our burden is lightened, the anxiety is lifted, and the truth may have its way in our lives as disciples truly set free by Christ.

Finally, prayer is empowering and fulfilling. When we have submissively prayed with trusting faith, we may arise from our prayers as those who are not only refreshed in spirit, but as those empowered by the Spirit and filled with the Spirit. That happens because the cares of the world are not causing you and I to fret and worry over those things we have laid before the throne of grace. Then, we may hear with our hearts the blessed truth of God’s Word; we may see in God’s Word the majesty of Christ Jesus in His eternal splendor; we may gasp with our souls the height of our heavenly inheritance in Christ; we may embrace with our minds an understanding of God’s Word so that His truth may be effectually manifested in its practice.

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