The Preciousness of Christ (via Sovereign Grace Baptist, Anniston)

This is an appropriate excerpt from Octavius Winslow on Sovereign Grace Baptist Church’s weblog. At SGBC we will look at the crucifixion of Christ during the Sunday evening Bible study, August 8, 2010. The text we will examine is from our expositional study through the Gospel of John, expressly reflecting upon the excellence and precious worth of Christ, and Him crucified as narrated in John 19:25-37.

The Preciousness of Christ “Unto you therefore which believe He is precious.”1 Peter 2:7 “A felt conviction of the preciousness of the Savior has ever been regarded by enlightened ministers of the gospel as constituting a scriptural and unmistakable evidence of the existence of divine life in the soul; and in moments when neither time nor circumstance would admit of the close scrutiny of a theological creed, or a nice analysis of spiritual feelings and emotions, the one … Read More

via Sovereign Grace Baptist, Anniston

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