A Puritan Bible Primer

A Puritan Bible Primer is available in English Standard Version and King James Version. We hope to make it available in New American Standard Version very soon.

Below is an excerpt from the book of one of the poems for children to learn the Ten Commandments. This poem has been written in Common Meter ( so it may be sung to the tunes of well known hymns, such as “Amazing Grace,” “In Christ There is No East or West,” “Happy Our Home When God is There,” “Am I a Soldier of the Cross?” or “Alas! and Did My Savior Bleed?” 


You shall not possess other gods
Within your heart or mind.
This first commandment of God’s Law
Within your soul must shine. 

Says Command two: you cannot make
An image from the earth;
Or from heaven or beneath,
Idolatry’s a curse.

The third command says do not speak
The LORD’s name worthlessly.
The LORD will not hold him guiltless
In this profanity. 

We must recall the Sabbath day,
That is the fourth command;
‘Tis holy to the LORD our God
And needed rest for man. 

To honor parents is the fifth
Commandment from our Lord.
It gives a blessing of long life,
And promis’d by God’s Word. 

You shall not murder nor commit
Adultery nor steal;
These are commandments six through eight
To man as God reveal’d. 

Against your neighbor do not lie
Says the ninth command.
The tenth is not to covet things
Own’d by another man.

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  2. Thank you, Jon! I will sure order this for our family, thank you!

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