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Are you interested in reworking your web designs for your church and ministry? A couple of months ago I had the blessed pleasure to speak with Trevor Brents of Reformed Media Group, and although Sovereign Grace Baptist Church is not yet in a position to change over, when we are, I have been so impressed with the templates, the cost, and what is offered, that it really is a win/win endeavor for the advancement of Christ’s kingdom.

By providing services specifically for those of the Reformed Christian ilk, they’ve narrowed their market down significantly. This isn’t a typical business or marketing tactic, but it is one that promotes unity among those who hold to the Biblical doctrines of grace. If you are interested, mention Jon Cardwell or Justification by Grace and you will also be supporting our ministry on the world wide web.

Here is an excerpt from their website as to what Reformed Media Group is all about:

We know that two major things play a role in most churches and ministries upgrading their current website or purchasing a brand new one, “Cost & Cost.” Our approach at RMG is to supply churches, ministries, and business owners with high quality websites at affordable prices. We do this by using the largest CMS (content management system) called WordPress. WordPress is an open source tool that features multiple resources to build a great website. This approach makes it possible to offer a lower cost for work that would otherwise cost thousands.

CLICK HERE to go to their website.

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