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Once again, we are refraining from posting articles on Justification by Grace so that we may spend time with our families in public and private worship on Sunday and Monday.

ANNOUNCER DON PARDO: Join us at Justification by Grace when we resume our regular broadcast week on Tuesday, July 20th— as we hear John Calvin say:

True repentance consists of two parts: 1. Mortification, which proceeds from the acknowledgment of sin, and a real perception of the divine displeasure; 2. Quickening, the fruits of which are— piety towards God, charity towards our neighbour, the hope of eternal life, holiness of life. With this true repentance is contrasted false repentance, the parts of which are, Contrition, Confession, and Satisfaction. The two former may be referred to true repentance, provided that there be contrition of heart on account of the acknowledgment of sin, and that it be not separated from the hope of forgiveness through Christ; and provided that the confession be either private to God alone, or made to the pastors of the Church willingly and for the purpose of consolation, not for the enumeration of offences, and for introducing a torture of the conscience; or public, which is made to the whole Church, or to one or many persons in presence of the whole Church. What was formerly called Ecclesiastical Satisfaction, that is, what was made for the edification of the Church on account of repentance and public confession of sins, was introduced as due to God by the Sophists; whence sprung the supplements of Indulgences in this world, and the fire of Purgatory after death. But that Contrition of the Sophists, and auricular Confession (as they call it), and the Satisfaction of actual performance, are opposed to the free forgiveness of sins.

ANNOUNCER DON PARDO: Justification by Grace— the all-weather weblog. On behalf of Jon Cardwell and Reformed dudes everywhere, this is Don Pardo, praying that you stay ever at the cross of Christ and in God’s Word by God’s amazing grace until Christ comes!

JON CARDWELL: Thank you, Don Pardo.

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  1. Thank you friends. And thank you Don Pardo. (can Reformed dudettes be included too?)

    • Thank you, sister. I know that you are included in that… but I’ll talk to Don and see if we can’t make it a little more expressive next time. 🙂

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