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Have you subscribed to the newsletter? If you haven’t, may I commend this newsletter to you? Stay current on pertinent news items and the latest uploaded sermons from the likes of Paul Washer, Ian Paisley, John MacArthur, Alan Cairns, Sinclair Ferguson, Albert Martin, Gregory Barkman, and a whole host of others.

A subscription to SermonAudio’s weekly e-Newsletter is ABSOLUTELY FREE. Click Here to view the latest newsletter. Click Here to subscribe to the newsletter. You can unsubscribe at any time. is the largest library of audio sermons on the web from conservative Christian churches and ministries with over 468,000 FREE MP3 sermons which can be streamed online for immediate listening or downloaded to your computer or MP3 player for listening at a later time. provides you

  • unlimited streaming and downloading of MP3 sermons
  • unlimited viewing and downloading of videos
  • unlimited reading and downloading of PDF texts
  • iPhone & iPad sermon access
  • Android & Blackberry sermon access, as well as with other mobile phones and devices
  • ability to send sermon transcripts to your Amazon Kindle
  • access to searchable Online Hymnal
  • access to searchable Online Bible
  • ability to subscribe to any podcast feed on site
  • breaking news
  • Charles Spurgeon’s daily devotional, Morning and Evening

…and Plus Members and Full Members reap many other benefits.

If you are a pastor or minister with sermons you would like to make available through, email me at and I will send you some information, as well as a discount coupon so that you can sign-up for only $1, waiving the $150 regular registration fee.

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