A Brief Note on Copyrights

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Words to Live By: Part 2

Many folks, blessed folks, sincere and god-fearing folk, have read and quoted C.S. Lewis; but is he really the Christian that we think him to be? I, like many, read The Chronicles of Narnia to my children, and enjoyed speaking in different voices for the different characters, watching my children giggle and smile at the stories; nevertheless, when I read Mere Christianity, I was bit disturbed by some of the things that Mr. Lewis suggested. After some research here and there over the years, there are some books and essays that Lewis wrote that left me thinking that, not only could it be possible that he was not the born-again Christian that many believed him to be, but he may also be little more than a humanist using recognizable Christian terms. If this is so, some of his writings may be peppered with enough landmines to catch the Christian unawares in an unsuspecting walk. Charisse Graves has a concern that the latter may be exactly what is happening.

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Jesus Manifesto – A Response from Author, Frank Viola

I had written a review of Jesus Manifesto by Leonard Sweet and Frank Viola on April 28, and then a second part on May 28 to more fully express what I meant to say in the first review. Because my comments section closes automatically after 7 days, Frank Viola did not have an opportunity to respond to my review. Having been contacted by Frank early in May, he suggested that we have a guest blog post with his response. I was glad to do it, and I let Frank know that I had already written a second part to my review, which I sent to him far ahead of its scheduled posting of May 28 so that he could provide an appropriate response.

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