Our Daily Bread

“Give us day by day our daily bread.” —Luke 11:3

In 1989, when I was still in the Navy and stationed in the Philippines, something struck my heart concerning the gospel in China. I kept it to myself; nevertheless, while I struggled to learn Tagalog, one of the main Filipino languages, I privately attempted to study Mandarin Chinese.

Why this interest in China? I had heard for some time that there were many believers around the world that did not have access to a personal Bible. China was one of those places where Christians would attend “underground” churches and believers would painstakingly copy down scripture so that they could have the Word of God. Many Christians are imprisoned for smuggling Bibles into Mainland China from Hong Kong or through other routes. Chinese believers memorize as much scripture as possible, realizing that they may be imprisoned for their faith and their Bible taken away from them. In those days, as I sat in my room in the Chief Petty Officer’s barracks, studying my Bible several times a day as the Holy Spirit illuminated the scriptures, the horror of not having His holy Word came as a startling revelation to me.

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A Puritan Family Devotional in NASB

A Puritan Family Devotional is now available with Scriptures from the New American Standard Bible (NASB). This book was created for family and individual meditations, containing, Robert Murray McCheyne’s DAILY BREAD, Charles Haddon Spurgeon’s A PURITAN CATECHISM, the 1689 LONDON BAPTIST CONFESSION of FAITH, and selected hymns and psalms. Scriptures used in this volume are from the New American Standard Bible.

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