Seminar on Evangelism

I am writing to invite you to the second Western Slope Seminar on Biblical Evangelism. The theme will be, “HOW DOES GOD SAVE LOST MEN? The Doctrines of Grace in Evangelism”

Two years ago, we launched our first Seminar on Biblical Evangelism. We taught on “What Is the Gospel?” and we gave instruction in how to share your faith by using the Law to confront sinners. What we have seen since that time, is that many other groups are using a similar approach but with a non-biblical understanding of how men are actually saved. As a result, emotional manipulation is still very popular and those confronted are still being asked to do something in order to be saved by some exercise of the power of their own will.

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Until Tuesday

SKEETER: “Yowza, Satch! Are you a five-point Calvinist?
SATCH: “I’m a six-point Calvinist, Skeets.”
SKEETER: “Six points! I thought there was only five. What’s the sixth point?”
SATCH: “The sixth point is that there’s more to Calvinism than just five points, Skeets.”
SKEETER: “Heavens to Murgatroyd, Satch! Why doesn’t somebody tell me these things?”
SATCH: “Somebody just did, Skeeter. Somebody just did.”

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