Why the Apology?

I receive emails all the time. I also receive my share of forwarded emails. A good portion that I get, I’ve received previously. It is extremely, extremely, extremely, extremely, and exceptionally rare that I forward any of those emails to those in my address book. Perhaps I have forwarded one in the past three or four years (oh, did I mention extremely rare?). Today I received one that I may have seen before, and though I haven’t forwarded it to any of my family friends or blog readers, today it actually struck me as something I’d like to post here at Justification by Grace.

Now, these days I’ve grown into a rather apolitical kind of guy. Truly, the only government I’m interested in is the one that is ruled and reigned by Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, in His new heavens and new earth: “Alleluia: for the Lord God omnipotent reigneth” (Revelation 19:6).

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