The Bread of Life

“I am that bread of life.”John 6:48 

Having paraphrased the scriptures in hymnody from the passage, John 6:42-51

Sung in Common Meter (C.M.) to the tune of “Hudson” or “Azmon.” Familiar hymns sung to Hudson and Azmon are “At the Cross” (without the refrain) and “O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing” respectively. 

The Bread of Life
by Jon Cardwell 


The Jews had murmur’d at the Lord
Because of what they heard:
“I am the Bread from heav’n above,”
Said Christ, the Living Word.

They further ask’d say’ng, “Who is this?
Is not this Joseph’s son?
And don’t we know his family?
This cannot be the One.” 

Their murmurings did Christ rebuke,
In discourse did begin:
“No man can come to Me except
The Father has drawn him.” 

“And I will raise him up again
That last day,” says the Lord.
For when that day has come at last
We’ll see fulfill’d God’s Word. 

Again Christ said, “The prophets wrote:
Of God they’ll all be taught.
For ev’ry one who’s heard has learn’d
And comes for God has brought.” 

“For only those who are of God
Do know the Father’s love;
And have reveal’d to them the same
Of Him who is above.” 

“Truly, I say unto you all,
He who believes in Me,
Will have eternal riches and
Will live eternally.” 

“I am that Bread of Life,” Christ says,
“Your fathers had been fed
With manna in the wilderness
But now they are all dead.” 

“This Living Bread that comes to men
Comes down from heav’n above;
Is full of everlasting life
To he who eats thereof.” 

“I am the Living Bread which came
From heaven for this cause:
That men may eat My flesh and have
Eternal life with God.” 

“I am the Living Bread which came
From heaven with this plan:
That in My flesh, I’m sacrific’d
To save the soul of man.”

About Jon J. Cardwell

"The Spirited Speaker" - Pastor of Sovereign Grace Baptist Church in Anniston, Alabama. Nationally recognized speaker and publisher. Author of several books, including the bestseller, Christ and Him Crucified.


  1. “Your fathers had been fed
    With manna in the wilderness
    But now they are all dead.”

    “This Living Bread that comes to men
    Comes down from heav’n above;
    Is full of everlasting life
    To he who eats thereof.”

    What glorious truth! Bless you, brother Jon!

  2. Brother Jon,

    These incredible truths in lyric form are simply beautiful! I showed this to Robert – neither of us have ever seen this type of Scriptural hymnody before and he really loved the story telling flow of the passage. He said that this is a “very edifying” piece.

    I was just thinking of how this kind of music would be so instructive to the younger mind. Regular hymns placed such an important role in the lives our kids growing up – our son and daughter still favor the rich theology found in hymns. These type of lyrics providing a dialogue of paraphrased Scripture will certainly go a long way in “hiding the Word” in our hearts.

    God bless you for sharing this!

    • Jon J. Cardwell

      Thank you, sister.

      Scripture paraphrases for hymnody is really actually all I write. It’s based upon the “Scripture Paraphrases” which were added in 1781 to the Scottish Psalter (of 1635/1650). I check my Scripture paraphrases to make sure I’m not going over a passage that doesn’t already exist. I take some time devotionally once per week to write one scripture paraphrase to hymnody. Some are okay. Some not so okay. A few of the okay ones I’ve been posting now and again.

      Thank you for your encouraging words. Bless you and Robert!

      • Jon J. Cardwell

        I should have stated it this way:

        Although I have penned a few hymns that are not scripture paraphrases, nearly all the hymns I write are scripture paraphrases. I do really find it a blessing to sing the Word of God… and as you said, it is good for our children because if we teach them to sing the psalms, e.g., the Scottish Psalter, and paraphrases from scripture, they may be more apt to hide God’s Word in their hearts.

        • That is really cool brother Jon. Thank you for explaining all of that psalter history too – Those Scots! Bless them – and especially John Knox.

          May the Lord bless you and Lisa today!

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