The Doctrines of Grace

Martin Luther and 95 ThesesJon Cardwell preached a Reformation Day Message at Sovereign Grace Baptist Church yesterday, October 30, 2011 during the morning service. His text was taken from Titus 3.5-8 and the message was titled, “The Doctrines of Grace.” As the congregation had been studying the book of Genesis, Jon ties several of the familiar passages of Genesis into an understanding of these doctrines. This message was also timely as the anniversary for the Synod of Dordt, which convened on November 13, 1618, conducting 154 meetings until they adjourned on May 9, 1619.

You can listen to this 44-minute topical message via MP3 pop-up player by clicking on the sermon title, The Doctrines of Grace” here.

You can also go download the message for later listening by clicking on the sermon title, The Doctrines of Grace” here.

Message Notes are provided below:

I. A Brief Historical Narration

1.  John Wycliffe to Martin Luther

2. John Calvin & Jacob Arminius

3. Synod of Dordt


II. A Biblical Comprehension Titus 3:5-8

1. Our Primary Perspective: Christ crucified, v6-7a

        a. God’s Sovereignty

2. Doctrines of Grace

        a. Total Depravity – v5a

        b. Unconditional Election – v5a

        c. Limited Atonement – v8c

        d. Irresistible Grace – v5b, c

        e. Perseverance of the Saints – v7b

III. A Believer’s Application

1. Constant Affirmation – v8b

2. Consistent Interpretation – v8d

IV. A Blessed Manifestation

1. Works Flowing from this Faith – v8c

2. Good and Profitable – v8d


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"The Spirited Speaker" - Pastor of Sovereign Grace Baptist Church in Anniston, Alabama. Nationally recognized speaker and publisher. Author of several books, including the bestseller, Christ and Him Crucified.

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