The Salt and Savour

Beyond all question the name, person, and work of Jesus are the salt and savour of every true gospel ministry, and we cannot have too much of them. Alas! that in so many ministries there is such a lack of this first dainty of the feast, this essence of all soul-satisfying doctrine. We may preach Christ without prescribing how much, only the more we extol him the better. It would be impossible to sin by excess in preaching Christ crucified. It was an ancient precept, “With all thine offerings thou shalt offer salt;” let it stand as an ordinance of the sanctuary now: “With all thy sermonisings and discoursings thou shalt ever mingle the name of Jesus Christ, thou shalt ever seek to magnify the alpha and omega of the plan of redemption.”

―C.H. Spurgeon
“The Fourfold Treasure,” April 27, 1871
Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit Vol.17, Sermon No. 991

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