In Theaters Now… Cowboys & Arminians (Humor) (via Truthinator’s Blog)

I’ve always been a big fan of westerns; but theological westerns? Wow! It’s got it all. Action. Suspense, Pathos. Ethos. Logos… and a whole bunch of Greek words wearing chaps at chapel, making salvation by grace through faith, well… quite frankly, irresistible. This one from Truthinator’s blog is a must see!

Predestined to be the best movie of the year! Answer the efficacious call & decide to go to the nearest theater and see this movie. It is chocked full of action, thrill, and misadventure. See the Arminians hit, miss, then hit their targets again… Watch as the Cowboys shoot and the Arminians decide whether or not to duck… It’s a thrill a minute. Now showing at theaters everywhere! Be a Daisy & see this movie…  “I’m not sure if this … Read More

via Truthinator’s Blog

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