The Lasting Works of Man?

“Many men and women have said of their works, ‘They will last forever;’ but how disappointed they have been! In the age following the flood, they made the bricks and built the Tower of Babel, and they thought, ‘This will last forever.’ But God confused their language; they never finished it. By His sovereignty, he scattered the men and women and left the tower as a monument to their folly. Pharaoh and the Egyptian monarchs built their pyramids, and they said, ‘They will stand forever,’ and yes it is true that they still stand today; but the time is approaching when age will devour even these great monuments. So it is with all the proudest works of man, whether they have been his temples or his kingdoms, he has written ‘everlasting’ on them; but God has ordained their end, and they have passed away. The most stable things have vanished like shadows and bubbles of the moment, quickly destroyed at God’s command. Where is Babylon? Where are the cities of Persia? Where are the high places of Edom? Where are the temples of the heroes of Greece? Where are the vast armies of the Roman Emperors? Have they not all passed away? And though in their pride they said, ‘This kingdom is an everlasting one; this queen of the seven hills (Rome) will be called the eternal city,’ its pride is dimmed; and she who sat alone, and said, ‘I will not be a widow, but instead a queen forever,’ she has fallen, has fallen, and in a little while she will sink like a millstone in the flood, her name being a curse and a byword, and her site the habitation of wild animals.

“Man calls his works eternal— God calls them transitory; man conceives that they are built of rock— God says, ‘They are built of sand, or worse than that— they are built of air.’ Man says he erects them for eternity— God blows on them for a second, and where are they? Like the fragments of a vision, they are passed and gone forever.”

—Charles Spurgeon (1834-1892)

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